2 Years Warranty

Your custom built DWS Technology pc come with 2 years warranty, so you know your covered

£10 Steam Gift Card

Orders over £350 will receive a free £10 Steam gift card to spend on whatever game they desire.

Free UK Shipping

Orders from the UK Mainland get free shipping on there custom pc

Build Your Own Custom Pc

Build Your Own PC

Why Not Build Your Own DDR4 Custom PC

Build Your Own PC


Technology is moving very quickly and just about everything in the mobile market is a perfect example of just that.  You might not build your very first PC, but once you get the hang of things that are computer related, you might look into the process of an build your own PC.  Once you know the benefits of build your own custom PC, the thought process will be a short one and it might even become something you enjoy doing.  As you might already know, there are plenty of online resources available when it comes to making sure you get the right parts at the right prices, but do you know what you want? One of the main advantages in build your own custom PC with DWS Technology is the savings you will have in the end.

 Custom PC’s can save you anywhere between £100 and £1,000 depending on what hardware you want to use and what operating system you prefer.  Once you start seeing how efficiently we put together computers, you will be getting well more than your money is worth. Upgrading a custom built PC is easier and more cost effective than just plopping down another £500 to £600 for one that is pre-made by Dell or another reputable company. Only at DWS Technology We love building Custom PC’s, Desktop PC, Custom Laptops, Gaming PC we offer high quality products.


When you build your own custom pc with you will get 3 years warranty as standard so if any build faults goes wrong you know you are covered for it. why waste your own time learning how to build your own pc and wondering if it will be safe because if you build your own pc your self and break a part it could be very costly why risk it?. Safe time & money when you order your custom built pc off DWS Technology  we are passionate about build your own pc, why waste your hard earned saving on a default computer which can’t be upgraded and is limited when you can build your own pc the way you like it & with the specs you desire

Each and every build your own pc we have manufactured has been custom built to our customers’ specifications. Before you start to build your own custom pc below is some information what you should read to get a better understanding about build your own pc.

In fact, part of the reason that Dell’s computer business was so good a few years ago was the fact that upgrading was a pain and buying a new computer was the best option.  The issue came in when you had the old PC just sitting there once you noticed that none of the parts from the old computer, fit into the new one.  Motherboards can be very flexible, but most of the time when they are stuck into pre-made PC’s they are built with very little upgrading in mind.  With that being said, using a custom build your own pc is easier than trying to find special parts that are made for just a few models of motherboards.  Buying a new computer from the company is the only thing that is built into the initial price that you pay for it.

Build Your Own PC

Build your own PC for high performance gaming? Do You need help choosing the right parts? Here at DWS Technology you can choose everything you need to Build your own PC. Building your custom gaming PC, with DWS Technology is very quick & simple online. Choose from Intel & AMD Processors to Build your own PC with our selected hardware on choosing the best parts for high performance gaming, within minutes of choosing your desired hardware and software part your very own Build your own PC specifications will be instantly priced up for you.       all you have to do then it order your Build your own PC  and your killer gaming machine that won’t break the bank will arrive within the selected dates.